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Out of The Depths

I saw my teacher at the queue in the supermarket last Christmas. Miss Baxter. I was surprised to see her. She’d been dead for six months.’

In Out of The Depths, Cathy MacPhail introduces her latest character, Tyler Lawless, who has an unusual and sometimes scary gift. She is able to see dead people. And sometimes they speak to her, asking for her help.

When Tyler moves to a new school she is hoping to make a fresh start. But that isn't easy when a boy who is supposed to be dead appears in your classroom, and statues in the school seem to come alive and point towards the place where the dead boy, Ben Kincaid, was murdered. Will Tyler be able to assist Ben with his pleas for help, or will she be dismissed as an attention-seeking teller of tall tales?

A thrilling and spooky tale that will have readers on the edge of their seats.

Praise for Out of The Depths

‘A fabulous supernatural thriller and a terrific read’ The Bookseller

'I loved this! Everything linked together and just flowed . . . like a marble run. Excellent stuff!' Christina Gordon. Craigmount High

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A taut thriller that explores grief, the effect of bullying and sibling rivalry

Maxie’s parents have had to do perhaps the worst possible thing: confirm the identity of her brother Derek’s body by the clothes he was wearing when he disappeared. So the brother who was missing is now officially dead. But then the worst possible thing really happens: Maxie receives a telephone call from somebody saying he is her brother. She can hardly believe her ears. Has Derek come back from the dead?

In this pacy thriller the author manages to confront many issues including: how different people deal with grief, the very underrated effect of severe bullying at school and sibling rivalry  all in a fast-paced and compelling narrative voice.

What Cathy’s fans say about Missing

‘I would recommend it to anyone who likes a good mystery or thriller. Once I started reading it, I couldn't put it down! It was fantastic!’ Lucy Clark

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Run Zan Run

An immensely powerful novel about the brutality of bullying and the value of true friendship

Ivy turned on her. ‘I told you I'd get you, didn't I? Well,’ her next words sent shivers through Katie. 

Katie is being bullied at school – and cannot get anyone to believe her. She feels frightened and alone . . . until one day when she is cornered by Ivy and her fellow bullies on the town dump. Katie is terrified, there is nowhere left to run. But suddenly, as if by magic, a girl called Zan rises from the rubbish in the dump and leaps to Katie’s defence. But Zan is not willing to talk to Katie – all she wishes to do is keep her identity a secret. Slowly Katie learns the truth about Zan, and when she does, she realises Zan has much more to lose than the safety of her cardboard box. A gripping story that really brings the issue of bullying to a head.

What Cathy’s fans say about Run Zan Run

‘This is a real page-turner . . . full of suspense’ Rachel

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Another Me

A spooky mystery featuring doppelgangers and unexplainable sightings

It was as I was walking into the drama class that I remembered the girl I had bumped into and the green sweater just like mine. That was what had got Mrs Watt mixed up. She had seen the girl in the green sweater and thought it was me. That was the simple explanation. Wasn’t it?

Fay can’t help thinking it odd that people start remarking on conversations she knows she hasn’t had, or saying they have seen her when she knows she was somewhere else. But then she starts hearing muffled footsteps behind her, the flash of fair hair just like hers around the corner. Is she imagining things?

What Cathy’s fans say about Another Me

‘A whole lot more than the average spooky thriller’ Hamza Jahanzeb

‘A brilliant mystery . . . you’re not sure what will happen next. The characters are fantastic’ Emily Masson

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Secret of the Shadows

A ghostly new thriller, featuring Tyler Lawless, heroine to the unlawfully dead

Tyler is staying in her grandmother’s cottage to help tidy it up after her death. Why does the spare bedroom that Tyler sleeps in always seem cold, despite bright sunshine? Why does she feel the presence of a frail old lady who is nothing like her grandmother? And why does she sense that the same old lady is asking for her help? Perhaps Tyler will need to use her gifts to help save somebody from a terrible fate . . .

Available March 2012

Bloomsbury                          Amazon


A pacey page-turner with a terrifying twist

A school trip goes disastrously wrong when a visit to local caves turns into something far more sinister. Five school children find themselves trapped beneath the ground. Their best chance of escape is to stay together. Then a member of the group disappears, and their hopes of leaving start to fade. Does one of the remaining four know more than they are letting on, or is there something evil lurking in the caves? The five children find themselves in a struggle for dominance as well as survival . . .

What Cathy’s fans say about Underworld

‘I think this book is written amazingly because after you read each chapter, you want to keep going and you can’t put the book down’ Tigergirl

‘I absolutely loved reading Underworld. I couldn't put it down without getting to the end!’ Kamran Khan

Available March 2012

Bloomsbury          Amazon

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